Monthly Archives: January 2012

Painting with Natalie

Natalie and I decided to try and paint together today. I gave her a new set of paints and thought that I should test out the colors. Change is always difficult, but we had fun painting together. I thought that her greens were quite unique and was pleased with the result. Natalie was also pleased with her result, even though she was ready to stop painting much too soon.

Natalie decided to paint her favorite letter in the grass.


A painting of the green grass of Ojai


The family braved the LA traffic to make it to the happiest place on earth.  We spent 3 days navigating Disneyland and California Adventure. Natalie was disappointed that the Matterhorn was closed this time, but braved splash mountain instead. My favorite time was nap-time, between 2 and 5 pm each day. Actually, the crowds weren’t that bad in the evening hours.

Natalie enjoying a hug from Goofy

Friday The 13th

We didn’t feel jinxed on Friday the 13th, so we headed out of town to explore a new area north of Pismo Beach. The ocean front accommodations were great, and Natalie enjoyed building sand castles and exploring the caves in the cliffs.

Santa Barbara Cliffs

Today I decided to enjoy the Ellwood Bluffs of Santa Barbara. It was a bit hazy with a slight morning fog, but the water from the cliffs was captivating. The temperature couldn’t have been nicer, however, all the visiting canines were more impressed with my easel than the weather. Fortunately, I was lucky to not have my territory marked.

Santa Barbara Cliffs

Ellwood Bluffs Painting