Monthly Archives: March 2012

Spring Break

Well it is time for Natalie’s spring break, so we decided to travel to her grandparents house near Tucson. We took a few days in Carlsbad to soak up the sun and enjoy the waves on the beach, before heading into the desert. We also wanted to try out Legoland. Natalie had a blast, but I thought it was way too crowded. Kate was nice enough to let me escape for a nap at 1 pm, in which I opted to remain at the condo for the rest of the day. We did, however,  have a good time visiting the grandparents and checking out the Tohono Chul Park. While it wasn’t too hot, it was still rather warm. Here is a sketch of one of the many cactus blooms.

The Twins Turn 1

We were able to celebrate our godson’s Marcus and Micah’s birthday at shoreline park in Santa Barbara. Here is a study from the park.

A study of Shoreline Park in Santa Barbara.

My New Niece

We took a road trip up to Alameda to go see my new niece Holly. She was adorable, and her brother Reid was a great playmate for Natalie. The hills were beautiful and full of cows.

My new niece Holly.


The hills were alive with cows.

Oak Tree

I had a little time to do a quick painting of an oak tree surrounded by the local avocado orchards. I think I’ll make some guacamole later today.

An Oak Tree surrounded by Avocado Orchards.