Monthly Archives: June 2012

Commission Completed

I am very thankful to have had the opportunity to paint a large commission for Karl and Dian’s newly renovated home in Westlake Village. They were both so kind and encouraging throughout the entire process. I used 3 different studies to help build the final painting. Here is the last 12 x 16 study titled “Creek Bed Study” that I used for reference. The finished commissioned painting helps to highlight the hills in the area and also bring some warm color to the room. I like how the eye follows a path similar to how you would actually hike the hills. To compliment that feeling of exploring their hills, that are literally their backyard, I made a painting of the trees titled “The Hidden Path“.  I thought that both of these paintings help to transport the viewer on a journey from the inside, to the beauty of outdoors (however, you get the benefit of not having to watch out for poison oak).

The Final LookCreek Bed Study"The Hidden Path""California Splendor"

Green Hills?

I tried my first “social” paint out yesterday. I went along with the TOPA group to paint upper Ojai. Roger and Ruthie Conrad were nice enough to allow us to paint the views from their lovely home. The Conrad’s live completely “off-grid”, having their house built to be entirely powered by the sun. Roger was even willing to give me a brief tour of how he was able to achieve this “green” environment. For more on the Conrad home, check out the interview at the Ventura County Star. While it was hot, buggy, and everyone had to keep an eye out for rattlesnakes, the irony of painting the golden hills that are completely “green” was something I couldn’t pass up.


"Green Hills?" 12 x 16 $1400.

Painting at Natalie’s School

A very talented artist named Dan Schultz moved to Ojai recently from Colorado. He also paints en plein air and called me up to see if I wanted to go painting. Since he is new to the area, he asked if I had any ideas for great locations to paint. I told him I would drive and to be ready tomorrow by 7:20 AM, because Natalie starts school at 7:35. He was very punctual, and a little bit surprised when I parked to let Natalie off at school and said “We are here!” Every corner and every angle is a great painting possibility. We sat on the street corner in front of San Antonio School and painted under the shade of the trees. The weather was perfect, and aside from a few flies, we had a great morning paint session. Here is the painting (titled by Natalie) “Oranges at Natalie’s School”.

"Oranges at Natalie's School" 20 x 16 $2000.

You can also see a hint of Dan’s painting in the background. For more of Dan’s work, visit his website at

Painting with Dan at San Antonio School in Ojai, CA.

The Bear Moon

Tonight was an awesome full moon. The light was almost too bright for Kate to sleep. Here is a small study painted of the moon in Ojai. I never thought that painting in our backyard would be considered an adventure. We have all been a little worried about what could be playing on our hill, however, after we saw a cute bear cub in our neighborhood yesterday. We had just visited the farmers market and were driving home to get lunch, when right in front of us, before we pulled up to the house, stood a friendly bear cub. Our backyard trees have always been a favorite nesting area for owls, hawks, and even wild pheasant. Also, along with the usual critters of squirrels and rabbits, our fruit trees have provided a nice snack for  racoons and opossums. Heck, we were even getting used to the fact that our side yard was the coyotes favorite bathroom stop. But now we have to teach Natalie that we don’t pet the cute little bears?