Monthly Archives: August 2012

Wyoming Paintings

Here are a few paintings from our time in and around Jackson Hole.

PonderingSnake River StudyA Moose in Moose.Lewis FallsSunrise SonnetTree TimeTuesday in the TetonsWilson Waterway

Another Elk Encounter

Today was a day filled with Elk. The day started with the elk feeding all around our house. Later on, with our evening stroll, Natalie was able to try and prance along with them. By the middle of the night the bugling went crazy. We finally looked out the window at 5  in the morning, when the noise became too loud to handle, and saw that the entire heard of over 200 elk were standing 5 feet from our window in the yard nibbling on the grass.

Painting For Some Serious Critics

One afternoon, I decided to paint right in the backyard, next to the stream in Jackson Hole. It was  a nice peaceful day and all seemed normal. I then noticed some movement in the bushes and was able to watch 200 or so elk crossing the stream. The entire ordeal took around a half hour. Afterwards they disappeared into the bush and it was like nothing ever happened. Luckily, Kate had decided to photograph me earlier in the day, and I was able to get some photos of the experience.

Painting Jackson Hole Elk EncounterHelloFinished Painting

Moose Encounter

After taking an evening stroll with the family in Jackson Hole, we encountered Mother Moose and her babies in our yard.