Monthly Archives: April 2013

Solo Show at Trowbridge Gallery

Here are some of the new paintings for the Trowbridge Gallery show in Ojai, California. The opening reception will be from 3 to 7pm on Saturday, April 27th.

Coastal ColorsFields From AfarFigeroa FunMustard Gone WildPalm Tree StudyPath Amongst The EucalyptusPretty In PinkSmall Sunset StudySun Dappled SailFriday's Fog

European Painting Adventure

I was excited to take the family and go on a painting trip throughout Europe. One of my collectors mentioned that she thought it would be odd to be gone so long and not be able to see any new artwork. So I decided to let people know that they can commission a painting while I’m traveling. I created an Indiegogo campaign and thought it would be interesting to hear what places other people found fascinating in Europe. Below is a short video of my Indiegogo campaign.