Monthly Archives: September 2013

Paris at Midnight

We had a great time in Paris. Natalie was so excited about the Eiffel Tower that she literally jogged up the stairs to the 2nd story lookout. Both Kate and Natalie also learned how to stay up late and enjoyed walking around late at night, lasting until midnight on a few occasions. I couldn’t believe that we had great weather, saw a rainbow over the Eiffel tower and a full moon with clear skies the next day. And after a week of crowds and tourists in the city of love, we were happy to take a break and escape to Brittany. We especially enjoyed our time in the charming little town of Chateaulin. Here are a few pics from our time in France.

"10 PM in Paris""Another View of Notre Dame""Boats on the Seine"Chateaulin and Natalie"Chateaulin vista""French Countryside Sun"Full of fries after the jog up the tower.Mother and Daughter at Notre DameNatalie climbing the Eiffel Tower