Monthly Archives: June 2014

European Art Slideshow

A lot of times people say that Artists or “creative types” don’t really possess the best set of organizational skills. People are then somewhat perplexed when they hear that I love to plan things out years in advance. However, I understand how the excitement of creating can often completely absorb your life. I often get so involved in a painting that I forget all the other stuff that comes along with the job. Stuff like bills, inventory, gallery communication, client communication, supplies, shipping, publishing, website maintenance, taxes, and framing. After numerous attempts to try and locate just one single image on my computer from our 5 month trip, I broke down and figured I better find a way to preserve what I have done thus far. I made a slideshow, basically showing a compilation of the paintings, sketches, and studies that I created from our European trip. Perhaps it is too long, but 5 1/2 minutes for 5 months, seems appropriate to me. Plus, this is my way of trying to keep it all straight.