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Traveling Towards The Tetons

Tremendous Tetons

We made our way out to Idaho and Wyoming to hike and explore the beautiful Tetons. The scenery is spectacular! We were happy to hike with our friend Janine Shepherd, who always has such an amazing outlook on life. She is currently working on finishing her book. If you ever need to see a truly gifted motivational speaker, and see someone who has overcome incredible obstacles, you should check out her Ted talk. Janine Shepherd: A Broken Body Isn’t A Broken Person.

We were also introduced to Mike Ehredt and learned about his amazing 8 month journey of running a marathon everyday across America as a personal tribute to over 6,550 fallen US Servicemen and women. You can see a short film of his story here: One Life, One Flag, One Mile: A Summary of Project America Run II

Natalie is ready for anything!Janine and Natalie Hiking Fishing FunNatalie trying to fly fish