Monthly Archives: October 2016

Working Out

“My Home Playground”

I have had a great time trying to get back into swimming. I might not be as motivated to swim as fast or as far, but the Masters program has been a blast. I love the early morning conversations in the hot tub and hearing all the local gossip, as well as trying to keep up with the new techniques for each and every stroke. I feel pretty spoiled to be able to jump in the pool and watch an amazing sunrise light up the sky. Our club is blessed with great views and is the perfect place to sit back with a cup of coffee and watch the clouds float by while a bunch of folks are busy sweating and panting on the tennis court. I was very honored to have the Ojai Valley Athletic Club choose my artwork for their newly renovated interior. Hopefully, the artwork will help to bring a bit of that natural outdoor beauty indoors.


“A Magical Monday”