Monthly Archives: December 2016

Big Sur Commission

Many artists are unwilling to do commissions. They fear that their artistic flow suffers and that many factors, including composition, color, and creativity are lost in the process. They often state “I create what I want to create when I want to create it.” End of story. On the other hand, many collectors are also unwilling to try and commission a work of art. Either they believe, much like these artists, that you don’t want to put any type of “limits” on a creative mind. Or, they have tried a commission once before and have been unhappy with the results and the outcome and were handed something that they really didn’t want. The artist didn’t take the time to really listen to what the collector wanted. I, however, enjoy commissioned artwork. I like the challenge of trying to capture what is in another persons mind and bring it to life on canvas. This is very different than creating a normal painting on a typical day when nobody actually knows what the end result will be, sometimes including the artist. With a commissioned painting, you are forced to try and figure out how to make the painting work, how to use color and composition, to try and create a feel that someone else has tried to explain. It is a type of balancing act. We often hear that you may take artistic license, but this is an interesting concept in and of itself. It is true, I limit myself to creating very few commissions each year, since I know that it may take a lot of revisions. Still, I like how commission work challenges¬† you to think creatively and problem solve. commissioned artwork also helps to illustrate what a gift it is that we are able to express what someone else is thinking, sometimes in ways that they themselves hadn’t even imagined. Here is a completed commission of a painting of Big Sur.


Celebrating 20 Years

Montgomery Lee Fine Art has been showcasing fine art in Park City, Utah for 20 years. To celebrate this mighty achievement, they will host an open house on December 8th, 2016. The event will feature new art by 15 of the 25 artists that the gallery represents, as well as live music by Kelly Gibson and an array of hors d’oeuvres and desserts. I feel very privileged to have been included with their exceptional stable of artists for more than a decade.

“Around The Corner” 24 x 20 inch, Park City, UT