Monthly Archives: December 2017

The Thomas Fire

We awoke at 6:00 AM on Tuesday, December 5th with our neighbor pounding on the door. There were flames appearing over our mountain and we needed to get out. We took 20 minutes to gather some of our belongings, piled in the car and evacuated from the fire. The Thomas fire would end up burning close to 282,000 acres and becoming the largest wildfire in modern California history. We were evacuated for close to a month. Besides several hotel stays and our already planned Christmas stay along the California coastline, we were lucky to be able to stay with friends and relatives while we waited out the fire. We would call our home landline daily to hear Natalie’s voice on our “old school” answering machine. As long as we heard her voice, we hoped our house was still standing. And thankfully, when we returned, our house had survived. The fire burned the yard of our front and back neighbor and sadly a couple of houses on the street behind us did not survive. We feel very lucky.

Thankful to be together.