Monthly Archives: February 2018

Big Island Beauty

We headed to the Big Island of Hawaii to deliver more artwork to the gallery and to paint and gather inspiration. Of course we also had to snorkel a bunch, eat a lot of delicious poke, watch some terrific hula dancers, and hike to some beautiful waterfalls. We arrived in a nice lightning storm and were threatened by flash flood warnings and a tremendous amount of rain. Thankfully, the next morning revealed a perfect blue sky and a great day to just relax at Mauna Kea beach. We then visited Kohala Coast Fine Art at the King Shops and delivered the new paintings. We were lucky to catch a restaurant tasting tour with samples from several of the Hawaiian dining establishments. We later traveled to our favorite little part of paradise on the other side of the island, the Kapoho Tide Pools, where we had rented a beautiful home with a great screened in porch. Natalie enjoyed seeing all the Geckos running around but also enjoyed a local puppy and neighborhood kitty that would come around to the balcony and want some love. Unfortunately, this area is now very popular from all of the write ups in guide books and has become quite crowded with tourists in the afternoon. We felt very lucky to have been able to experience this little gem for so many years without any crowds. We still managed to snorkel every morning before the crowds and in the evening, when we had the place all to ourselves. We swam with the sea turtles and were happy that Natalie could now snorkel by herself without any problems.

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