I always enjoy the creative challenge that commissioned artwork has to offer. Every year I limit my commission work to 10 paintings, thus having the time and energy to devote to each individual project. Whether you are commissioning a large or small, public or private painting, the process remains the same. From concept to completion, both the client and artist work together to bring an idea to reality.


I specialize in landscape painting, often times painting a favorite view from someone’s front or backyard or vacation destination. However, I have also painted the details of a clients actual home or vacation house, their barn, wedding destination, and even their particular boat or animal. I am not a portait painter, (but can give recommendations if this is what you need) but may add people into the painting as long as it is in my style and is not the main focal point.



Ideally, it is best to paint from sketches that were made on location. However, in some cases this is not possible, so working from photos is an excellent option.

Please See Commission Guidelines and pricing below.







Here are the guidelines for a commissioned painting:


1.Exchange of ideas about the clients vision and how it relates to my artistic style.


2. Determine subject, content, time of day, style, canvas size, framing and cost.


3. Decide on travel time and cost, or photos and photo review.


4. Produce preliminary sketch for comments and approval.


5. Upon approval of sketch, a 50% deposit is requested.


6. Paint the artwork, taking between 4 to 16 weeks,depending on size and travel specifics.


7. Touch-ups are done until the client is unconditionally satisfied.


8. Framing is completed.


9. Final payment of remaining 50% is due.


10. Painting is delivered or shipped.



I look forward to creating a unique painting that you and your family will cherish for many generations.




   8 x 10 $1200.

   9 x 12 $1400.

   11 x 14 $1600.

   12 x 16 $1800.

   16 x 20 $2500.

   18 x 24 $3200.

   24 x 30 $3800.

   30 x 40 $6200.

   36 x 48 $8500.

   48 x 60 $15000.

    *Other sizes available upon request.