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Couples Retreat

This year, while Natalie was at her summer camp in Colorado and hiking another 14,000 foot mountain, Kate and I took off to Europe. We tried to mostly stay in Belgium and France, but couldn’t resist a few day trips to the Netherlands and Germany, and a few days in Luxembourg. We were able to celebrate with the Belgium Soccer Team in the Grand Place in Brussels after their 3rd place finish at the World Cup. We then spent a week in Bruges and feasted on plenty of beer, waffles, chocolate, fries and mussels. We road bicycles, took a river cruise, and attended a huge outdoor karaoke sing along concert. We traveled to Paris and switched to wine and cheese. We sampled a bunch of croissants and Kate was on a quest to find the best macaron between Pierre Hermé and Ladurée. Besides visiting museums and the opera house, we were able to watch the conclusion of the Tour de France. We would drink champagne at night while watching the sparkly lights of the Eiffel Tower and not worry about boredom from a tween. We could simply enjoy people-watching and adult conversation.

Grand Place World Cup CelebrationBrussels MuralsA Break In BrugesBruges BeautBeer and WafflesBike Ride GehntGehnt SelfieBiking to the NetherlandsLunch at the StationTower at nightWarm Nights in the CityVersailles at SunsetArtsy Eiffel TowerHall of MirrorsThe ChapelSummer in the Cityfireworks at VersailleParisLuxembourg

Creating In Colorado

This year our annual trip to Colorado and visiting the gallery in Aspen was threatened by local wildfires. The weather was very warm and all of Colorado was  extremely dry. Fortunately, the fire was contained a few miles away from downtown and the air was clear and the skies were blue. This year we were also very lucky to have my parents staying with us. We not only played a lot of cards and odd board games, but also had my Dad sing and play guitar with Natalie, even putting on a Country Roads duet. Elliott Yeary Gallery is always so kind to promote my work and was great in putting together a wonderful showing of my art. While we enjoyed the music festival and the performances at the music tent, we also really loved just sitting back at Paradise Bakery and listening to the musicians relaxing and getting a bit funky while we ate our chocolate-banana muffins and ice cream. This year was also a bit different, since Natalie is now a bike riding pro and doesn’t just sit on the handle bars anymore, and we were able to rent bikes as a family and hit the road. Later, we drove over the pass and deposited Natalie at her summer camp.

Maroon Bells SelfieAt the Gallery in AspenElliott Yeary Gallery PaintingRiding the BuffaloHiking Kite LakeMount DemocratTeaching Natalie the GuitarAt the Music TentNat Nat Ninja

Kapoho and the Lava

Early Morning Snorkel 2018

I am deeply saddened to find out today that one of our favorite places to snorkel, relax, paint and gather inspiration, has been completely filled in with the massive lava flow on the Big Island of Hawaii. We spent the last 12 years, in several different homes in this special little neighborhood, and will always remember the great times we shared together as a family.

Natalie at Kapoho when she was just a little kid.



Craving Canada

We decided that spring break would be the perfect time to explore Vancouver and the Canadian countryside. We stayed at a great place in a neighborhood that was close to amazing hiking trails, parks, an easy drive to downtown, and only 10 minutes away from the ski slope. Natalie had her first introduction to skiing and even with a few tumbles, learned that she loved the snow and the adrenalin of downhill. We visited several different areas that had suspension bridges and were mesmerized by the colors of the water from the rivers in the gorges. We rented bicycles and rode around Stanley Park and also enjoyed the sight and scent of the cherry blossoms. We visited a nice church for Easter where everyone was so welcoming. We also were so impressed with all of the different cuisines from around the world and had to sample a bunch of ethnic restaurants. We had Balinese, Indian, Thai, and our first try with food from Afghanistan. We also fell in love with Canadian maple syrup and managed to finish off a huge bottle of it on our short trip. We visited the science center for Kate and a bunch of art galleries and art museums for me. The people were lovely, the landscape was breathtaking, and even the airport was awesome. We definitely plan on returning.

Biking Stanley ParkSuspension BridgeCanadian LandscapeHappyCherry BlossomsBridgeCanada SmilesTotemWater Color